Arnold and Sandra Online Love Story

Arnold and I met via Facebook back in 2009. We were friends for almost a year before we met in person in August 2011. 

Neither of us were expecting to fall in love with each and to only by chatting online. I m Sandra Armstrong but Arnold used to call me Sandra Bullock as she was his favorite actress.  Today I m telling you the story of our first meeting.

It was an early morning of June 25th, I got a call from Arnold.

“Hello” I answered in my sleepy voice

“Hi sweetheart, its a time to get up and catch a plane” I was happy as I was knowing that soon I would be in the arms of Arnold the one whom I loved so much. With the smile on face I got ready for the long journey to Miami, Florida. I was too excited for the trip and packed sexy outfits along swimsuit and bikinis as suggested by my friend Maria. This was my 1st flight ever which added more excitement to this trip. Flying for such a long distance to another country on my own to meet someone whom I have never met before. And what made it worse was that I had to change flights in Dubai, I was bit nervous because of it.

But I knew I’d be all right. Although I was little bit scared that how things will go with Arnold. What will happen if he didn’t like my appearance.

After a 2 hour drive we reached airport. Those two hours of drive was full of suggestion from Maria about safe sex and use of condoms and avoid alcohols etc etc. with my mother and sister we got to Birmingham Airport. With lots of excitement I checked my luggage in. After check in I was having few hours during those time I stated net surfing and tried to explore Miami city and about Miami’s Nightlife. Got to know abt Strip Clubs – Broward, Strip Clubs – Miami-Dade, and may more clubs and discos.

Finally my flight was called; I reached to the boarding area and handed over my passport and ticket to the man standing there, and moved into the flight in some time.
In Some hours I reached  Dubai Airport, It was huge and I felt Lost. But in little time  I found my next flight it was easy. In fact I got there an hour earlier than I was suppose too. Meanwhile I checked out shopping are of Dubai Airport and bought some gift for Arnold form Duty free store located there. Time went by and I handed my passport and ticket to be checked for my connecting flight for Miami. Finally reached to my destination the place I wanted to be at from long time. I collected my luggage and get on to the escalator in front of me. I walked a little to the escalator and I saw a familiar face, Arnold was standing right at the top with huge bouquet of my favorite Red Roses. I walked towards him and hugged him tightly. He handed me a red rose Bouquet and I smiled, as I smelled the flowers.

“Mmm, thank you it’s beautiful.” He kissed me on my cheek and then he wrapped his arms around me tightly, He hold me in his arm for long and then he kissed me this was our first kiss, It was perfect and it was the way I wanted it to be.

With my luggage we moved to his car. His car was Big and sexy. It was some SUV I don’t know which one was it but it would be some expensive SUV. Everything between two of us was amazing and Arnold couldn’t stop holding my hand. All of my fear was vanished and I was all the more excited by then.

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The whole 15 days were the best days of my life. He had plans for each and every day and he planned it perfectly. One our 1st day he took me out for date at one of the most romantic place  He took me to discos, pub, restaurants, top class hotels. Few new places where he took me were Back 2 School Fetish Party. We spend time on beaches. He gifted me many dresses, lingerie, bikinis, swimsuit, perfumes. On July 1st my birthday he took me to a Cruise and proposed with a beautiful diamond engagement ring, and I accepted. We had our first intercourse that night. He played xnxx videos to excite me.  I was too happy with Arnold he was the one I was ready to spend rest of my life. It’s funny how it all started over Facebook 2 years ago. We got married on 6 July 2012.

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Arnold and Sandra Online Love Story by xnxx lover”Sandra”