XNXX Virginia Beach Volleyball Match

volleyball xnxx

This season Virginia beach is at its hottest. Its hot not because of the kind of babes playing there but because of the intensity of the XNXX contests that have taken place. Beach volleyball has never been this tough. This year there were special teams participating from around the world from places like UK, Scotland, Russia, Lesbos and Tanzaniapoacc5erk01k4qqFrom US itself teams from various beaches had come to participate, the prominent being – Palm beach, Myrtle beach, Miami beach and Laguna beach. The tournament had a knockout format and spectators thoroughly enjoyed the entire span of it. The primary reason for the enjoyment was that all the matches were telecasted on the big screen also that was installed nearby. The entire beach was loaded with high powered cameras to capture all the hot moments of the match in ultra slow motion.  Those hot videos of final match were to be telecasted on television later. To attract attention of the cameras to attain their 15 seconds of fame many people came in outrageous costumes. Some young babes took the not so subtle approach of wearing bold swimsuits and bikinis while some girls were openly seen applying sun lotion and taking sunbath during the matches. Maximum attendance seen was of teens aged between 13-19, a significant percentage of which were Asian teens and Russian teens. The final match happened between the teams of Virginia and Myrtle. volleyball_xnxx The final went down to the wire which was eventually won by Virginia. The man of the match was given to Angelina who smashed the ball with fury. The other key performers were Megan, Jennifer and Jessica who defended all the power shots of Myrtle team with ease. Overall an exciting well-held tournament came to an end. Next year it promises to be bigger and better, lets hope it is.beach volleyball xnxx

Christmas Trip, Was just a Dream

girls_christmas_girls_new_year_girl_011590_Year ends with Christmas. And being in Tahiti at this time adds a joy to this life. We were three, met and set the plan in three minutes only.
We drove in car towards the clear beach city, Tahiti. Full of excitement ready to blast in. we were close to the city now. The hoarding welcomed us, ‘Welcome to Tahiti’. But, the just next hoarding was about a condom advertisement with a sexy girl. We all laughed and said the driver to keep watching the road not the hoardings.
Driver was known to the places. He drove us to the hotel nearby colony as we said ‘it must be in budget’. We were tired enough after a 5 hour journey and decided to rest for a while. We slept unconsciously for 3 hours and it was time to dinner. We decided to go for a night out. Driver was suggesting some places and we chose one.
I found it awesome city for love and romance. Everywhere, just couples. I was surprised to see couple like that. We ate, we drunk and got enough high not even to walk straight. Still went on to the hotel till 4 am.
Now, it was 11 am my eyes open, and head with pain. Windows closed, dark all around, so decided to open the window. A beautiful girl was there drying her washed clothes on the clothesline, a few meters away. She saw me watching her. She was hesitating to put more clothes; I think the remaining clothes left to put on clothesline were the lingerie. She left. I also closed the window again.
That was a start of beautiful day seeing a beautiful face. Friends decided to go to the beach and have the tequila shots, and we had that. Five hours we left to move back, we were roaming here and there visiting different places. Spend few hours on yacht. We went to game parlor played x-box after that went to casino to try our luck on Poker. We lost as our luck was not with us. We bought lots of souvenir and I bought heart shade ring and VERSACE perfume especially for my girlfriend. We reached hotel, packed our bags and car was again loaded to move.
Car started, and I saw the girl again standing at the door watching us leaving. We moved, and watching her I waved my hand to say her good bye. The best thing was she replied too, waving her hand.
And, in the nest scene, I heard a sound of my mom, she shouted, “get up…its 9:30 am…go to bathroom…or I’ll bring it here only”.

Angelina Jolie look alike Tiffany’s Gossip party in Canada

Last Saturday night of June, my friends went to the first ever Gossip Party held in Whistler, BC, Canada. Party was organized in Luxury Mountain Resort one of the well known hotel of Whistler. Great arrangements was done. Snacks and welcome drink was amazing. Topic of gossip was Hollywood celebrities and there love affairs. It was a really fun event to people watch and mingle the racks at Spanish Connection on Victoria St, not to mention the yummy open bar. One of the main attraction was they party was organized by Tiffany Clause look alike of Angelina Jolie. Tiffany also had a gossip session where she revealed some of her blind items on her blog, which was great to finally hear some answers to her riddles (our group got a few right! And received few gift hampers in return). Katharine my friend was called the Best Dressed of the Night (dude gazing at her like they have not seen any girl before.), She was dressed like Megan Fox. Guys were taking her photos and I was busy in taking photo of other guest with my new camera. I wish I had taken more photos of other guests as some people really went all out with their hair styles, jewelry, make-up and clothes, next time I promise to not be so star struck.
One of my friend Kate (bless her), provided me the opportunity to interact with Tiffany (she has a amazing personality, I was highly impressed by the was she was dressed her makeup her perfume, tattoo on her arms from panache tattoo artist, everything was superb.), and I am so happy as I got a opportunity to have a photo with her.

Tiffany promises that there will be another Gossip Party here in Whistler, BC, Canada, so I’ll be eagerly waiting for the next party.

Valentine day celebration in Schlitterbahn Waterpark with Friends

Schlitterbahn Waterpark is one of the best water park in world. It is located in New Braunfels, Texas. We all friends plan to visit the park on valentine’s day ie 14th feb. As none of us have any girlfriend so we all decided that we should celebrate it in some other way. So we decided to enjoy cool and adventurous ride of Schlitterbahn Waterpark. It was amazing experience being there. There were three mini-parksBlastenhoff, Surfenburg, and Schlitterbahn West each was designed in such a way that each and every person can enjoy it. From thrilling rides to relaxing bathing tubs.

Bratt of the most daring among all of us enjoyed Master Blaster, zipping down the Soda Straws a lot. We all were afraid of such rides and he goes thru them 2-3 times. While I enjoyed surfing at Boogie Bahn, relaxing in the Lagoon Hot Tub, while Michael (whom we used to call Michael Jackson) enjoyed spending time with the kids in the Tadpool Kiddie Pool, or catching a wave at Blastenhoff Beach.

There was a group of girls who also came there from a nearby city. We all tried a lot to impress them and to get mingle with them. We played water volleyball with them. Later on to impress them we buyed some gifts for them from souvenir stall. Even had lunch at same shop where they were having. Still all our efforts failed and we get nothing in end. Just due for show off John took out his iPhone and due to careless it slipped off his hand into pool. When we took it out it was not working. So we decided that now we will not waste our time behind them and will enjoy our trip.

For night accommodation several options were available like New Braunfels condo rentals, homes, and cottages. We hired nearby cottages to spend night. We were too tired so we slept early. Next morning we wake up early and went for sunrise photography before we left for home. We captured some very good pics from our new SLR camera.


Skinny Angelina Jolie Winner of UH Maui College Sports Week.

Sports week of our college UH Maui College was scheduled 3rd week of February. Sports week was scheduled on Big Island beach of Hawaii so that maximum people as a audience can be expected. All preparation were done by college team of Students. This time a new concept was introduced that all team should be named on Hollywood stars. There were seven team with following names :-

Skinny Angelina Jolie

Shiny Megan Fox

Cute Jennifer Aniston

Scarlett Johansson Riders

Nicole Kidman Followers

Penelope Cruz Cruizers

Keira Knightley Knight Riders.

Several games were included in the sport week and few which get maximum audience were Bike racing, swimming, treasure hunt, soccer, boxing, basketball, fantasy painting, and photography. Maximum audience was gathered in swimming as few of the most beautiful girls have took part in it. So all the boys were there to see them up. The event which got maximum appreciation was photography as student who took part in it was too talented. Everyone was having great SLR camera of companies like Nikon, Olympus, cannon and Fuji. The pictures taken by them was added to the annual magazine of college and top 3 pictures were published in local newspaper. For all seven days snacks and food was arranged by Kauai Restaurants And Dining of Hawaii. Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was invited to inaugurate the sports week. She made all students more crazy towards the event. She supported Skinny Angelina Jolie team. Final winner of the sports week was Scarlett Johansson Riders. 1st runner up was Keira Knightley Knight Riders. Well winners got a gift hamper from Prince Resorts Hawaii. They have given Golf Club Membership to all members of winning team.


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