XNXX Virginia Beach Volleyball Match

This season Virginia beach is at its hottest. Its hot not because of the kind of babes playing there but because of the intensity of the XNXX contests that have taken place. Beach volleyball has never been this tough. This year there were special teams participating from around the world from places like UK, Scotland, Russia, Lesbos and Tanzania.  From US itself teams from various beaches had come to participate, the prominent being – Palm beach, Myrtle beach, Miami beach and Laguna beach. The tournament had a knockout format and spectators thoroughly enjoyed the entire span of it. The primary reason for the enjoyment was that all the matches were telecasted on the big screen also that was installed nearby. The entire beach was loaded with high powered cameras to capture all the hot moments of the match in ultra slow motion.  Those hot videos of final match were to be telecasted on television later. To attract attention of the cameras to attain their 15 seconds of fame many people came in outrageous costumes. Some young babes took the not so subtle approach of wearing bold swimsuits and bikinis while some girls were openly seen applying sun lotion and taking sunbath during the matches. Maximum attendance seen was of teens aged between 13-19, a significant percentage of which were Asian teens and Russian teens. The final match happened between the teams of Virginia and Myrtle. The final went down to the wire which was eventually won by Virginia. The man of the match was given to Angelina who smashed the ball with fury. The other key performers were Megan, Jennifer and Jessica who defended all the power shots of Myrtle team with ease. Overall an exciting well-held tournament came to an end. Next year it promises to be bigger and better, lets hope it is.