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Fantasizing and Watching Videos Of Penelope Cruz Spoiled My Career


This was the case of my first-year Political Science. When I was huge fan of Penelope Cruz. I have gone crazy for her after seeing her Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruze. What a amazing movie. I loved her for a stunning looks and awesome acting. She was too hot in her bed scene with Tom Cruise.  This was the 1st time I have seen her nude and same day I gone crazy for her. After that I have collected all her movie and keep on seeing then all the day. I started fantasizing for her day and night. I was not aware that this will be so harmful for me and my carrier.


All my friends use to make my fun. I was even lucky when one day got an opportunity to see paparazzi photos of Penelope Cruz’s topless swimming and sunbathing wearing a black bikini.
penelope-cruz-photos-hot-bikiniI used to pay heavy internet bill for downloading Penelope Cruz video from xnxx I unfortunately without concentrating on my semester and exams I keep on wasting my time either on fantasizing about her or watching her movies. Finally semester exam came and I found myself helpless. I drove myself into following illegal and inappropriate way of scoring good. I thought taking a “cheat sheet” with me in an examination will give me a positive outcome. Instead of that, it did just inverse. I was caught by invigilator using them. Since then, I was regretting of what all I Did. The hard earned image of years got spoiled in a moment. They called my parent to college and informed them about my mistake. They were feeling ashamed for my action. Tears in mom eyes made it more worse for me. This offence was wrong on both a personal and professional scale. I was unaware that this can even impact me on my future professional fronts. The mental stress after getting caught was exceedingly irritating and it was increasing every passing day. By doing what I did I even cheated my friends by giving myself an advantage over them, which was unfair on my side. The aftermath of this action of mine made me realize that what I did was completely wrong. From this mistake of mine, I learned one of the most important lesson of my life that taking an “easier” way out is the worst path to follow. This incidence has thought me one more thing that goals are much more worthwhile if they are achieved ethically. If at that time rather than fantasizing and watching nude video clips of Penelope Cruz if I would have studied and have concentrated on my future then I would have been at much better place. I would not have lost my reputation and friend. Now I m left only with Penelope cruz video clips photos and movie, No friends to rely on or to have fun with. People say that in order to learn one must make mistakes, but I will say rather than making mistake, it’s better to learn from the mistakes of others. We should learn to prioritize because life don’t give second chance. I hope others will avoid any such shortcuts because in the long run it’s never worth it.