Time Spend with Britney in Hawaii / Discos / Clubs / Beaches / Hotels and Restaurant / xnxx

Britney was one of those complete sweethearts that I was lucky enough to have staying with me for a couple of weeks. What set her aside was her complete openness and curiosity about the culture she is visiting. Britney is a 19 year old student from a small university in Virginia, US. Not many students with that profile have the guts to actually leave home and go wandering around the world with an objective of knowing people of different culture and understanding there tradition. But when Britney came to my place she was already 2-3 months pregnant. She had an affair with Wade from a year who dumped her later on because of kylie. But jolly and bubbly nature of Britney with no stress on her face of what all has happened to her made her win my heart. She was a amazing dancer. She love to go to night clubs and discos. In her School life she organized several teens dance party. She was beautiful and even she did modelling in her school shows. She even got some hollywood offers fir small roles in big movies. But she denied them as she was not interested in entering into Hollywood. She preferred her carrier as a traveller. She was a tattoo artists and she made a small tattoo on my belly. In those couple of weeks we have been to many Hawaii discos. Made many new friends and made those nights the most memorable nights of my life with full on fun and entertainment. Every morning we used go to Hawaii beaches to enjoy sunrise with a swim in sea and teasing guys. Britney was a big time teaser who use to tease guys with her beauty in panache swimsuits. I used to work in a hotel cum restaurant in Hawaii US. When having stayed here for 3 years, I had almost no clue about their lives of people of Hawaii. I hardly used to move out and see the beauty of Hawaii beaches and other tourist destinations. What amazed me was Britney’s sheer fearlessness of the young girl from a small town of Virginia who though scared at the prospect of wandering around alone in different counties all around the globe. When she left me she was going to Rome to explore more about Cleopatra, Roman Culture and xnxx stores in Rome.


Brad & Angelina Honeymoon in XNXX Hotel Jamaica

What would you describe as a disastrous honeymoon…A journey in which nothing went right. Something of this sort happened in the case of Brad and Angelina, in short we can say Brangelina. It all started on 7th January 2011 in Las Vegas, when a night before they got married in XXNX banquet hall all of a sudden with family members and some close friends. As the marriage happened in haste so there were no preparations for honeymoon. They tried to get their bookings done for New York through a travel agent named Jennifer but was unable to do so as all the flights were overbooked. Then Jennifer recommended them other popular honeymoon destinations like Caribbean, Bahamas, Hawaii. Bora Bora, Thailand, Mauritius and  Seychelles. The couple after pondering over Caribbean islands like Jamaica and Barbados, zeroed in on Jamaica. There was no direct flight from Las Vegas to Jamaica so they had to booked a connecting flight from Las Vegas to Florida and then from Florida to Jamaica. After reaching Florida they found out that the flight for Jamaica had already departed, so here they again had to change their route. The best available route was to go to San Tiago De Cuba from Florida and then take a cruise trip to Jamaica.

The cruise trip was the most relaxing part of the journey as it was equipped with top class facilities. It had a swimming pool for all the travelers which was always crowded with beautiful teens in lingerie or swimsuits, many of them also preferred tankini swimsuits. Apart from that there was a bar which was equipped with all the possible types of liquor brands. The bedrooms for passengers were huge, each bed had enough space to accommodate two people easily. All the moments of this journey were captured by Brad and Angelina in their camera, some of the moments which was shot as videos they send as MMS to their close friends while some of the pics were uploaded on social networking site like facebook, myspace and orkut.

Finally the journey culminated with their safe arrival to Jamaica. From there they went to their hotel. The Xnxx Hotel was considered best in Jamaica. The honeymoon suite which they had booked had a gigantic bed decorated with flowers, beautiful & soft curtains, rest of the room was decorated with candles for a grand effect. After having a shower and some sleep they went to Xnxx restaurant for a fabulous meal. They also had a look in into the motel facility provided which was also very good.

After dinner the hotel provided complimentary chocolates for the couple, there were various varieties ranging from sweet to bitter to milk to caramel based.  They had a good time going around in night clubs, casinos and discos. All the while the excellent hotel service continued which made their entire journey comfortable.  Despite all the initial problems faced the entire honeymoon was a memorable experience for
Mr. and Mrs. Pitt

Fun by XNXX Harvard College Girls

Hostel warden stepped in the room no. 329 of XNXX Harvard College Hostel at 10 am. There were 10 girls still in their bed. Warden was angry as at this time the queue for using the loo and taking shower is at its peak. Every room was allocated a time slot for going to the toilets and this room had missed its turn. Warden screamed at the top of her voice and all the girls woke up in a start. During a prolonged scolding session all the girls were exchanging furtive glances and smiles at each other. The reason for that was the fun they all had last night.

The fun started at 11:30 PM when the celebration started. All the girls had planned a surprise birthday party for Emma Belluci as she was stepping into her adulthood, after all its not everyday you turn 18. On this momentous occasion all the girls gifted her one of an exclusive Victoria Secret lingerie collection.  Then one of them took many photographs from her mobile camera and recorded videos which she instantly send by MMS to all her Asian friends to show how much she is enjoying. After all the cake cutting ceremony the girls decided to play a “Dress up Game” in which every girl had to get ready within 15 minutes. Getting ready meant that they had to take a shower, dress up properly and also apply some basic cosmetic makeup.

After all this the girls gossiped about their boyfriends, studies and future. Their future topics ranged from the job they desire to their dream honeymoon destinations like Bahamas and Hawaii. The gossip went on till early morning 7 AM after that they all dressed up in their pajamas and decided to sleep on their cosy bed with warm blankets.